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1934, Generation Hegemonic, 2017, 20x24", Sliver print

Generation Hegemonic

Haiti became a Black Republic in 1804. With this, came the assertion of racial equality, and the
opportunity for blacks in the Western Hemisphere to demonstrate their ability to prosper as citizens
and leaders of a modern nation. However, since becoming free from the French, Haiti and its people
have been repressed, distorted and controlled by white governments, hollywood, literature and
the media

In December 1914 the U.S military seized the Haitian government's gold reserve. They returned in
July 1915 for a 20 year occupation, staying until 1934.

They left in place a corporate hegemony system. A system which aims to repress power, promote
corruption, extort workers and collapse their agriculture industry, as well as creating a false economy
which has priced the people out of their own country, whilst embedding imperialist ideology.

Portraits have been made of the generations of people whom have lived under, and resisted the American
corporate hegemony system. The first being Evel Pierre, born 1934, the year the U.S officially left Haiti.

My Body is Everywhere was produced in collaboration with Giuseppe De Angelis. It was exhibited at the
fifth Ghetto Biennale 2017, Port-au-Prince, Haiti.