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Mirrored Visions

Found archival photographs from times of the colonial empire have been juxtaposed with contemporary images from the internet to form diptychs. Each pair is similar in terms of framing, the subjects and their posture, and context.

The photographs original purposes are questionable, it could be said they are trophy images.
A conversation piece, for one to boast and discuss the way they meet, taught and/or helped someone from the continent of Africa. The work forms a direct comparison between history and today.

http://michaelradford.co.uk/files/gimgs/th-13_1 20x15cm,2015.jpg
Untitled (#1), Mirrored Visions, 2015, 17x12cm, c-type diptych
Untitled (#2), Mirrored Visions, 2015, 16x12cm, c-type diptych
Untitled (#3), Mirrored Visions, 2015, 17x8cm, c-type diptych
Untitled (#4), Mirrored Visions, 2015, 17x11cm, c-type diptych
Untitled (#5), Mirrored Visions, 2015, 17x7cm, c-type diptych
Untitled (#6), Mirrored Visions, 2015, 17x7cm, c-type diptych