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51°26'59.6"N 2°35'44.9"W, Shadows of a Nation, 2017, 4x5", C-type

Shadows of a Nation

Bristol, Liverpool, Glasgow and London were the main cities which directly benefited through the capital
gained from slavery. This money also funded canal systems, docks, railway systems and banks, as well
as the factories which boomed the industrial revolution. Buildings funded by slavery still stand today,
throughout the country. They surround us, yet our colonial past remains removed from history.

Rather making photographs which celebrate the buildings design, form and architecture, 1 to 1 images
have been made of details of the exteriors. Using a 4x5 plate camera, the traditional camera which is
often used to photograph architecture. Capturing forsenic detailed representations of the structure of
the buildings which were funded by slavery.

Shadows of a Nation is a current work in progress.